Desi Gulaab | Naari : Wall Installation
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About This Project


Naari is a celebration of everything handmade. Ancient Harappan women are re-imagined through a series of ten faces in an outdoor alleyway of the Ghatiwala Jewellers atelier. Hand-crafted in ceramic, each face is bejewelled with handmade brass jewellery.

The atelier of Ghatiwala jewellers in the heart of the pink city, jaipur, features a series of art installations by Desi Gulaab. Reminiscent of our treasured past and rich craft traditions, each artwork narrates a story of its own. The showroom takes on an alluring charm and is a magical interplay of crafts, textures and materials. The project, in its entirety, is a result of immense team effort, careful attention to detail and kind patronage.

Art Installations, Art Installations for Ghatiwala Jewellers